Projects in progress
Cross-border network for education and research of natural resources,
Project code: RORS 279, INTERREG CBC Romania-Serbia

The project is implemented by University of Life Sciences "King Mihai I" Timisoara, Romania and Regional Development Agency South Banat within the IPA CBC Romania-Serbia Programme.

The topic of the project is the impact of agricultural and anthropogenic activities primarily on watercourses and soil in the region of South Banat and Timisoara.

The project deals with common challenges in the protection and sustainable use of the most important natural resources, agricultural land and water, in the border region of South Banat and Timisoara districts. Another important activity of the project is the education of children and young people about the sustainable use of natural resources.

The goal of the project: Establishing a cross-border network for education and research of natural resources through the collection of data related to the analysis of agricultural land and water and pollution from intensive agriculture.

It is planned to establish a monitoring system for collecting the data on pollution originating from heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides and insecticides. The implementation of the planned tests will have a positive effect on the quality of produced and consumed food in the areas of operation. The procurement of instruments and accompanying equipment for laboratory tests, as well as soil and water sampling, is also planned.

In order to promote the sustainable use of natural resources, workshops are planned with farmers, students, local authorities and the population in the region, as well as the publication of a brochure with guidelines on how to sustainably use land and water.