About us
Regional Development Agency South Banat Ltd. Pancevo was established on February 10, 2017.


RDA was established to promote regional development in the South Banat area, and within its competencies performs the following tasks:

• preparation and implementation of development documents and monitoring of their implementation at the level of the region and local self-government units;
• cooperation with the bodies of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina and local self-government units in the preparation and implementation of local development plans;
• advocating the region’s interests in relations with the Development Agency of Serbia and participating in the implementation of approved development documents;
• preparation and implementation of professional training programmes aimed at strengthening of companies and entrepreneurship, infrastructure developing and enhancing the capacities of institutions, organizations, and local self-governments in the region;
• monitoring and implementation of measures and development projects for which it is authorized;
• participation in international, cross-border, municipal and inter-municipal projects within its competence;
• management of information systems of importance for the area and region and
• other activities, in accordance with the law and the founding act.


The Agency’s vision is to be an operational consulting center for regional development of South Banat and the strengthening of capacities of local self-governments and business entities in this district.


The main goals of the Agency are the realization of the mission and vision, that is, the development of infrastructure and improvement of the capacities of local self-governments, economic entities (companies and entrepreneurs), and institutions and organizations in South Banat.

In that way, the Agency will contribute to the improvement of socio-economic development and living standards in South Banat.

Activities contributing to achievement of the goals are:

- preparation, drafting and implementation of development documents and local development plans;
- improvement of the business environment and development of instruments to support the SME sector;
- implementation of professional training programmes corresponding to the needs of public and private sector entities in South Banat and aimed at improvement of their capacities;
- attracting potential investors by preparing and updating the "information package" for investors as well as organising the presentations of investment potential;
- improvement of institutional capacities at the local and regional levels for the following: strategic and action planning processes; defining measures and implementing support programmes for sustainable development; creating conditions for access to programmes and implementation of regional economic development projects and projects financed from international funds;
- promoting and advocating the regional development interests of South Banat District;
- international, cross-border and inter-municipal cooperation.